Our Flagship Title

“A raw talent with a unique inspirational eye making the kind of mould-breaking thought-provoking comics we need to see more of ”
Si Spencer (Bodies/Hellblazer)


So, what’s with the tagline – Bible stories for atheists, creationists, rationalists and rogues. That seems like a pretty disparate and mutually exclusive group?

What we’re trying to do here is present the story of the old testament in a more layered and complex way than many are used to. The characters all need to feel that they are real and authentic people, with motivations we can understand and relate to.

That, for me, is really the cornerstone of good story telling – make the people real. So, to do that we’ve gone back to the sometimes ancient sources and kabbalistic commentaries. We’ve delved into them and used them to gain a better insight into what the hell (pardon the pun) these people were thinking.

We make no judgements as to the veracity of the Bible as a divine document. We’re looking at it as literature. At the very least it’s a very important piece of writing for most of the world, full of the archetypes that resonate through our collective stories over the centuries.

That, and it’s a rattling good epic tale of family, empire building, betrayal and redemption.

So, we hope you find it entertaining, but more over, we hope it gives you something to think about as well.

Please let us know your thoughts – email us at hello@biblicalcomix.com, and if we do get some healthy debate going we’ll be opening a user forum at some point to move the discussions on to there.

And tell your friends – sales are our life blood! So please, no torrenting (Dude, I mean it’s only 75 FREAKIN’ cents after all!)