Electricomics Creator Resources

Here’s a collection of resources for Electricomics Creators everywhere. We hope you’ll find it helpful.

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Electricomics Generator

The first thing you’ll need to create Electricomics, is the Generator tool that allows you to generate your own Electricomcs.  You can download it now from https://github.com/electricomics/generator.

User Guide

Now you have the tool, you have to learn how to use it.  It really is quite easy to pick up, especially if you have some web or graphic design experience.

But the most useful user guide is here, by Tim West in 2 parts. Part 1 is mainly how to get the generator installed in your computer, and part 2 is more on how to use the thing:

Part 1 – http://dangergeekuk.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/how-to-make-electricomic.html

Part 2 – http://dangergeekuk.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/how-to-make-electricomic-part-2.html

Biblical Comix Resource Pack

You can download this from http://biblicalcomix.com/BiblicalComix_Electricomic_Resource_Pack.zip

Contained in it are a bunch of files that I use often, and hope they’ll help you.  If you have any questions about anything please feel free to get in touch and ask. Here’s a breakdown of what’s in it:

Start-Screen-background.jpg – A useful background to use for your opening or closing screen, where you can talk about your comic.

Start Screen.psd – Photoshop file of the above, layered and a bit more useful.

Tap-to-Continue-ButtonTap-to-Continue-Button.png – A simple controller graphic with transparent background.

Tap to Continue Button.psd – Photoshop file of the above, layered and a bit more useful.

Tap-to-Start-Button.png – similar button, but text is on the right of the image and says ‘tap to start’.  This is good to use on the start screen.

Tap to Start Button.psd – Photoshop file of the above, layered and a bit more useful.

Controls – full width.psd – This is the back, next and page number controller, as one long 768px layered photoshop file.  I put each different element in it’s own folder to make it easier to use.

Controls - Back ImageControls – Back Image.psd – The back controller image on it’s own as a layered photoshop file.

Controls – Back Image.png – Same as the above, but in a nicely compressed transparent PNG file.

Controls – Next Image.psd – The next controller image on it’s own Controls - Next Imageas a layered photoshop file.

Controls – Next Image.png – Same as the above, but in a nicely compressed transparent PNG file.

Controls – Page Numbers.psd – a layered Photoshop file of the page number on it’s own.

Logo-Tranparent.psd – A transparent layered photoshop file of the line art and title of the Electricomcs logo.

Logo-rounded.pngLogo-rounded2 – A Massive rounded edged version of the Electricomics logo with transparent background.

Logo-square.jpg – A Massive square version of the Electricomics logo as a JPG.

Logo.psd – Layered photoshop file of both rounded and square logo.

Electricomics-title.png – The beautiful Electricomics title text, as designed by the relentlesslt talented Todd Klein.

Electricomics-title.psd – Transparent layered photoshop file of the above

Electricomic-title.png – same as the above, but this one says ‘Electricomic’ in the singular, rather than Electricomomics. I needed it once, and thought it might be useful for you.

Cover Template.psd – A Photoshop file that can be used as a cover template for the Electricomics covers.  You just drop your image in, and save it as ‘cover.png’ in your electricomic.elcxproject folder to generate a cover image for your Electricomic.

Cover Numbering Icon.psd – A Photoshop file of a branded issue numbering for your Electricomic.

blessed_day_font.zip – Great font, that fits with the Todd Klein logo font.

Working Sample file

One of the best ways I’ve found to learn anything, is to take a look at the insides of a working file of whatever it is I want to try and learn.  So, here’s the working file for the first issue of Biblical.  You can download it from http://biblicalcomix.com/Biblical01.elcxproject.zip

Please take note at the small file sizes for all the images. I know this is boring and technical – but people don’t want to wait forever for a massive file to download. So take some care in making your image files as small as possible, whilst of course retaining their quality, to create the best possible product for your reader, and avoid any blocks to people reading the work you’ve sweated blood and tears over.

Instructional videos

Finally, here are a series of instructional videos of me making an Electricomic, so you can see the process hands on as it happens.

And listen to me waffle on life.