Do you have a great story to tell?

The let us help you tell it!

We are looking for original, creator owned project submissions . Stories to challenge the reader, make them think new thoughts and most importantly, to entertain!

So, what do you need to be able to submit to us?

A comic book! A completed, lettered, finished project.

And that’s it – because if you’re interested in making comics with us, the only thing we care about are the comics you can make. As the creator, we want you to create.

For our part, as a publisher, we’ll take the rest of the burden of getting your comic to market off your hands. We’ll provide marketing materials in the form of social media videos and posters, editorial assistance, graphic design, get the files of your comic ready to print and liaise with the printers. We’ll get your comic to a sales platform where anyone can buy your comic in either print or digital form.

But, dear creator, be warned! Comics (along with every other professional creative endeavour) is a brutal and unforgiving business. We do it because we HAVE to. We are compelled like Salmon swimming up stream. To make comics you have to be crazy, because it takes a fearless insanity to weather the endless storm that is creating your comic.

And the only way to get anyone to read your comic, is for YOU to push it.  We can give you all the tools you need to do that, and will be promoting it on our social media channels, but without you getting behind your work, and trumpeting it like a deranged carnival barker, it’s very unlikely that anyone will ever read it.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes?

Good, so show us what you’ve got, baby!

Legal Stuff!

This paragraph must be included at the beginning of any project submission. Without it the submission will be deleted unread.

To whom it may concern – I (Your Name) along with (names of the creative team) are submitting this project for your consideration to include it within your publishing plans. I understand that you receive many such solicitations, and in the event that this project bares any similarities to any project that is currently under development for publication, or future project to be published, I freely relinquish any and all legal claims upon Rats and Crows publishing, Biblical Comix, or any individual working with you. I understand any similarities are purely coincidental and have no malicious intent, and will not make any claims of plagiarism.

Send your submission to, with the words ‘Project Submission’ in the subject line.